About us

About us


VNA GROUP is a technology company with a young, enthusiastic, and talented team that aims to provide high quality and efficient digital transformation solutions.

Officially established in 2020 with the initial goal of becoming one of the primary detonators to accelerate the e-government process. The VNA team aspires to make significant advances in Vietnam's digital transformation, bringing Vietnamese technology to the rest of the world.

Educational institutions

State agencies

Domestic and foreign enterprises



Leading in digital transformation capacity in Vietnam with international standard products in the next 5 years.

Serving country


We aim to develop advanced software products and services to support training, fostering and capacity building for the workforce at enterprises and organizations; improve productivity, quality; and increase operational efficiency. Not content with standing still, but constantly overcoming new challenges in order to achieve larger goals in order to serve the social community.

Making great company value


We foster a humane, creative, prosperous, and fair and equal work environment. Company members are treated equally, given opportunities for development, and then respected and cooperated with. Towards the development of a learning organization in which everyone shares their expertise to help each other advance while constantly absorbing new knowledge from partners and customers.

Why should customers choose VNA?



VNA provides users with products that are fast, compact, easily scalable, save resources, and adapt a huge request.


Delivering the best adaptable and supportive technology solutions to customer with a long term vision


We have a professional working team and always want to bring the best products to customers

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